What can I learn in the Portex Professional training room?

Published 05 February 2018

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The real deal!

With fantastic customer service and a chance to trade live with professional trader/analyst john fortune. This company stands above the rest for me! With lots of company’s selling a “system” you get a chance to learn/trade the way a professional does, which is a great opportunity.

Published 31 January 2018

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Highly Recommended

Portex Academy is the best trading academy worldwide. I love the live trading rooms. They truly cater for traders of any experience level. The sessions are well planned and very interactive. I have traded with many academies and Portex Academy stand out by far. Highly recommended.

Published 30 January 2018

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Fantastic Resource

The Portex Academy is a great place to learn advanced market analytics that are taught in laymen’s terms. They offer an extremely comprehensive look at how to trade forex in a live market setting. This allows the student to witness the ups and downs of trading in real time (no cherry picked back testing). Managing risk is a key component to this program and would be a benefit to any novice to intermediate trader.I definitely recommend Portex to anyone looking to build a solid base on which to build their trading business!

Published 17 March 2018

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Phenomenal service

Phenomenal service and an extremely reliable broker. Wouldn’t consider using anyone else and I highly recommend their service.

You will learn

  • How to manage risk correctly including multiple techniques for creating good Risk:Reward ratios
  • How to successfully trade short term technical opportunities
  • Advanced Elliott Wave Theory
  • How to correctly use Fibonacci like a Professional to identify
    • Entries
    • Exits
    • Stop Losses
  • Advanced Pattern Recognition Techniques
  • How to Identify the Market Condition & Market Structure correctly
  • How to understand & apply Market Psychology
  • What the Banks & Institutions are doing in the markets and why (How they trade, when they close their trades etc).
  • Identification of mistakes made by other retail traders for profitable opportunities
  • How to cut losses correctly
  • How to control your emotions as a trader
  • How to asses fundamental economic data
  • How to place long term Position trades like the Hedge Funds & the Banks
  • How to create a 4 step trading process to identify the best set ups whenever you open your charts

How do I get all of this for FREE?

1 Sign up

Make an application for a trading account with Portex Markets.


2 Fund

Once approved, fund your account with at least £250. Whether you are starting your very first trading account or are moving over from an existing broker, our friendly onboarding team will be on hand to assist.

3 Trade

Once approved and funded you will be sent access to the Portex Academy where you can join us for daily Live rooms and download chart templates direct to your upgraded “MT4 Elite” platform. Your dedicated broker will also be in touch to help get you up and running!

What else comes with the Live Room service?


How do we find which pairs are more likely to provide good opportunities?

Our trade selection process is hugely important to consistent profitability and we take great care with this part of our analysis.

A detailed rating system is applied to individual currencies taking into account rigid Technical Analysis on all time frames between, and including, the 1h and Monthly charts.

Each time frame is given a rating with the lowest time frames given more weighting to account for the most recent data. Once these ratings have been established, a multi-month fundamental assessment is made taking into account all of the major economic data releases for that currency in the recent past.

All of these ratings are then put through our spreadsheet formulae to generate an overall rating for that particular currency.

The second part of our Trade Selection process is to pair the currencies with the weakest overall rating with currencies with the strongest overall rating.

Using this Professional grade, institutional ratings system you will be able to maximise your winners and minimize losses by trading pairs with most potential at any given time.

Major Support & Resistance Levels to downloads straight to your platform

How do we find the Support & Resistance levels?

Support & Resistance levels are determined across multiple time frames with the most important levels coming from the Daily, Weekly and Monthly charts.

Banks & Institutions use these major levels in their trading strategies and knowing where they are will have you trading in the same direction as the big players.

How do we find Supply & Demand Zones

Supply & Demand zones are similar to Support & Resistance levels however are determined by both volume and volatility around these areas.

Very often Banks & Institutions will use these areas to place large trades and as a result they are often defended. You greatly increase your win ratio by trading around these correct levels.

To get unlimited access to all of the above for FREE, simply open a trading account with Portex Markets