Portex Markets offers a variety of payment methods. Login to your client portal to view all your payment options and make a deposit.

Please note that third party payments and cash deposits are not permitted. Any funds received from third party accounts will be returned to the remitter; this may result in a delay in your account being activated and/or credited.

Please note that all UK clients will be required to make their initial deposit via bank transfer. Subsequent deposits can be made using card or e-wallet

If you make an online deposit from within the portal you can choose to add funds to your landing account or directly to your trading account. Deposits made outside of the portal, i.e., bank transfers or online payments initiated via links on our website(s) will be added to your landing account and you will need to transfer funds to your trading account.

The landing account acts as a wallet that is independent from your trading account(s) and allows you more flexibility to control your funds when trading on multiple accounts. It is important to be aware that money in a landing account is not included in your trading account balance and is therefore not treated as margin and you need to transfer funds from your landing account to your trading account. Please see below for more information about how to do this.

Transferring funds between your landing and trading accounts:

The process is straight forward:

1. Login to your portal and click on the ‘Transfers’ tab at the top of the screen

2. Click on ‘Internal Transfers’ on the right hand side

3. Select your landing account by clicking on the ‘From Account’ drop down option

4. Select your trading account by clicking on the ‘To Account’ drop down option

5. Enter the amount you wish to transfer (you can move the entire balance or just a portion of it) in the ‘Amount’ field

6. Click “Submit”

You will then see the transfer confirmation message and funds will have been moved to your trading account and you can check your account balance(s) by navigating to the ‘My Accounts’ tab.”

Please note that if you fund via credit/ debit card any fund withdrawals will be returned to that credit/ debit card.

Card payments will incur a 1.5% charge

Please note we are only able to accept deposits from a card in the same name as the Portex Markets account holder.

If you make an initial deposit with a credit/ debit card you may be required to submit a recent statement and/ or copy of the card to confirm it is held in your name.

At Portex Markets we partner with a range of payment solution providers to increase your success rate when funding your account via credit, debit or e-wallet transfer.

To fund with a credit / debit card or via Skrill or NETELLER, please log into the portal here.

To fund with a credit / debit card or via Skrill or NETELLER, please Login to Client Portal